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Sleepy J Cabins are cozy and comfortable! Enjoy modern amenities including comfortable beds, kitchenettes, WIFI, satellite TV, DVDs, VCRs, phone and more!

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Idaho Fly Fishing

Our resort is only minutes away from fly fishing on the Snake River! The Swan Valley area is best known for year-round, premier fly fishing on the South Fork.

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Roaming Wildlife

The area is truly a shutterbug’s delight with the spectacular scenery and possibility of wildlife photography. Be sure to bring a set of binoculars and get up close to nature.

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Yellowstone and the Tetons

Swan Valley is ideally located within easy driving distances of major airports and the spectacular sights in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks.

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Sleepy J Cabins are a recreational paradise


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Our Happy Lodgers

  • Having family ties to the Swan Valley area that go back 60+ years, 25 members of our family recently held a reunion at the Sleepy J Cabins where we spent a terrific weekend. Jake and Michelle were delightful and the cabins were charming. The lodge proved to be a perfect gathering location to enjoy meals, family games, movies, and chatting (not to mention the photographs and history captured on the walls and in the scrapbooks in the lodge). To top it off, the central location enabled easy traveling to West Piney Creek to ride horses with Swan Valley Outfitters, fishing the South Fork of the Snake River, hiking the Palisades Creek trail, and of course, the very short walk the grandkids frequently took to the Rainey Creek store for square ice cream cones! We highly recommend Sleepy J Cabins to families considering this beautiful area for reunions.

    Kory BrownSalt Lake City, UT
  • We had a wonderful stay the the Sleepy J cabins. I think you are the best kept secret in Swan Valley! Thanks so much for making our stay pleasant! We'll be back!!!

    Gene Taylor
  • A terrific place to stay. The hospitality is amazing and the cabins are very clean! Two thumbs up to the Jacobsons and Glenn!!

    Kimberly Brooke Connell
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Welcome to the Sleepy J Cabins, home of upscale accommodations in rustic Swan Valley, Idaho.

Cabin Features

Sleepy J Cabins, tucked in a quiet, country setting near the base of Baldy Mountain, offers 10 newly constructed one- and two-bedroom cabins, smartly furnished with all of the things necessary for “roughing it” in Swan Valley. A recreational paradise for all four seasons. Enjoy a relaxing stay and experience the splendor of the fall colors. When the snow flies, bring your snowmobiles for the hundreds of miles of scenic trails and relax at the end of the day in one of our cozy cabins.    

All Cabins feature the following amenities:

  • Queen Size Beds
  • Queen Size Sleeper Sofas
  • Kitchenette
  • Satellite TV
  • Telephone
  • Full, Modern Baths
  • DSL Internet Access Also Available
  • DVDs and VCRs Available
  • Wooden Front Porch
  • Quality Art
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Your search for modern lodging and comfort is over!

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Questions? Comments?

We would love to hear from you!

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